Investor Relations

What we offer our shareholders

– An experienced and successful board
– An operating team with over 30 years experience
– Exposure to growth media/entertainment businesses
– Investment liquidity post EIS tax period
– An EIS tax efficient investment

Corporate information

Company registration number: 7631345
Registered address: Fairlight Mews, 15 St Johns Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, London, KT1 4AN
Country of incorporation and main country of operation: United Kingdom
No of shares in issue: 72,056,290
Percentage of shares not in public hands :46.3%
Total number of shares held in treasury: None
Total number of share options outstanding: None

Substantial Shareholdings

E Hynes 18,071,173 shares (25.08%)
H Cowell  16,314,254 shares (22.64%)
Davycrest Nominess  6,525,701 shares (9.06%)
L Edmund Cowell 6,023,724 share (8.36%)
EJ Hynes 5,019,770 shares (6.9%)
AD Morley 4,118,100 shares (5.72%)
G Toms 2,598,000 shares (3.61%)

Admission Document

The Company’s most recent admission document can be downloaded here.

Financial reports

Annual Report 2013 can be downloaded here.